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Your groups' recommendation engine

LifeTap is the AI that searches and negotiates on behalf of your group.

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Using LifeTap in your daily life

Technology that solves the struggle of organizing stuff with your friends

How it works

Signing up

When you sign up, LifeTap asks you some questions to determine your personality and your taste.

The onboarding process takes less than 2 minutes and allows the Artificial Intelligence to sketch your personality type.

Why personality? From scientific research, we know that personality is one of the main drivers for group decisions.

How it works


When you open the app, you immediately get hints for things to do that fit your taste and personality.

Recommendations consider weather and time of the day.
LifeTap won't send you to a beach bar in a rainy November day.

Recommendations can be for movies, as well as for restaurants and bars.

How it works

Your groups

We solve the nightmare of taking out your vegan boyfriend with your meat-lover dad!

Invite all your friends to LifeTap. Once they sign in, you can add them in your groups and chat with them.

Ask LifeTap to find the ideal movie for tonight.
You won't be wasting time scrolling through Netflix anymore!

How it works

Personality profile

LifeTap uses personality data for giving recommendations.

You can ask LifeTap for an analysis of your personality, and answer longer personality questionnaire to let the artificial intelligence know you better.
Remember: we will never sell your data (we are not Facebook)!

Why don't you even check how compatible is your personality and the one of your partner?