How to find restaurants in New York City

With plethora of choices in NYC, how do you find the best restaurant that fits you? Download LifeTap to get best restaurant recommendations – Finding a restaurant or bar in nyc is always challenging. You end up wasting time browsing on discovery apps like Google maps, Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc, you analyse the reviews, photos,… Continue reading How to find restaurants in New York City

Amazing – LifeTap’s Results!

LifeTap and its results Let’s check out LifeTap’s Amazing Results! Oftentimes, traveling to new cities, I don’t know what to eat. Thankfully, LifeTap has found me a lot of yummy and nearby restaurants to enjoy. Let’s take a look… 1. Outro (NYC-East Village): 9/10 Awesome! -although the wait time was long, the food was delicious… Continue reading Amazing – LifeTap’s Results!

Bay Area SF with LifeTap

Bay Area SF Do you live in SF? Are you from the Bay Area? Are you hoping to explore the city? If you answer YES to any of those, you should definitely use LifeTap! Our amazing AI app takes into account users’ personalities and external conditions. After understanding all of this information, LifeTap makes the… Continue reading Bay Area SF with LifeTap

Friends Need LifeTap – Make life easier!

Spend too much time deciding where to go with friends? Don’t worry – use LifeTap 🙂 In a nutshell, LifeTap is an AI app that learns about you and your friends’ personalities and external conditions. Afterward, the personal AI searches for movies and nearby activities for the entire group to enjoy! The 4 pictures depict… Continue reading Friends Need LifeTap – Make life easier!