Bay Area SF with LifeTap

Bay Area SF

Do you live in SF? Are you from the Bay Area? Are you hoping to explore the city?

If you answer YES to any of those, you should definitely use LifeTap!

Our amazing AI app takes into account users’ personalities and external conditions. After understanding all of this information, LifeTap makes the perfect recommendations for individuals and for groups.

Sounds amazing right? It is, trust me.

If you are still not convinced, we have a video showing how one of our users was able to use LifeTap when she was in the city.

Yummy Crepes found by LifeTap!

A Trip to SF with LifeTap!

LifeTap in Bay Area SF! Throwback to a fun trip to the Golden Gate Park at Bay Area SF. My friends and I had a blast exploring the city, but we were exhausted from walking under the sun.

I then went on LifeTap to look for food places nearby and BAM – I found the perfect spot! It was a crepe place, which was exactly what we needed – something sweet, something savory, something yummy 🙂

The crepes – DELICIOUS, the price – AFFORDABLE, the portions – LARGE. My friends and I walked out of the restaurant feeling satisfied and happy. We all gave this place a 5/5 and hope to come back next time we travel to SF.

Thanks to LifeTap, our SF trip became even better!

So what are you waiting for? Clearly, LifeTap is easy to use and makes life easy for you!

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