How to use AI to find bars

AI is not just for tech geeks and sci-fi lovers. Technology is now embedded into our lives and we use it every day. AI has the potential to make people’s lives easier and more efficient, by giving them time back that they can spend on other important things.

how to find bars using AI
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New AI technologies are being developed that will automate mundane tasks for us, just by asking them out loud or swiping on your phone screen. It will be able to complete tasks like checking the weather, setting an alarm, booking flights or finding a date for next week. We are getting closer to a world where people will not have to think about technology – it will just do it all for you!

How AI helps in everyday life

With the increase in the number of people living in urban areas, finding a bar can be time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately risky. The best way to find a bar is using an app that uses AI to make recommendations based on your location. It pulls up bars near you with information about their drink specials, crowd size, music preferences, and more.

A new app called ‘LifeTap‘ will help you find bars, pubs or night clubs in Berlin. The app uses artificial intelligence to find the perfect bar for you based on your location, your personality and preferences. This app will be a great replacement for the outdated map and discovery apps that are cluttered with ads of all different bars that have been handpicked by an editor.

How LifeTap helps to find bars in berlin

Lifetap is an app that connects people with the most suitable bars in Berlin. You can easily find bars that fit your group of friends, mood, and budget. It is the perfect app for party-goers looking for a night out on the town.

how to find bars in berlin
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Whether you’re trying to find the best craft beer in town or just want to find something new, Lifetap AI has you covered. With over 25,000 bars and restaurants, Lifetap AI is the most comprehensive bar recommendation engine out there.

Install LifeTap to find bars with your friends within seconds, without wasting time browsing on other apps.



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