How to use LifeTap – in one minute!

Welcome to LifeTap – the world’s first personal AI using psychometrics for group recommendations. In this blog, you will learn how to use it within one minute.

Do you always find it difficult to choose a restaurant everyone likes? Or feel lost when visiting a new city? Or, simply have no idea what to do? No worries, LifeTap can solve all of these troubles! With only a simple tap, the AI will give you the best recommendations. Moreover, LifeTap can even generate suggestions for your night out with friends with the group feature.

By starting your experience with LifeTap, you just need to answer some easy personality questions to let the AI learn you better. With your permission to have your location, LifeTap will immediately recommend you some awesome restaurants and bars nearby. But there is no concern on your privacy – LifeTap will not read any of your data on your mobile, you are completely safe! Thanks to this, you will not receive any ads – ever.

Sounds interesting isn’t it? Here is a pic helps you get on track very quickly.

All you need to know about LifeTap…in one minute

LifeTap is definitely the best app you can have on your mobile that solves your daily problem. From now on, no time will be wasted on hesitating which restaurant to go or which movie to watch – LifeTap is your life saver!

LifeTap is now on App Store in Germany, US, UK, India and Italy, click the link to download and let’s tap for life!

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