LifeTap – One of the Most Innovative Machine Learning Companies in Berlin, According to

Innovation is key for companies to stand out and excel. For LifeTap, innovation is in our DNA – we want to bring changes to how people make daily life decisions. Today, we are excited to share the news that LifeTap has been featured on as one of the Most Innovative Machine Learning Companies in Berlin.

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The London-based company is the expert in discovering companies bringing innovative technology. Over the years, it has become a good reference of the potential of companies, especially start-ups. As a result, everyone at LifeTap are extremely proud of this nomination. It will be a great chance to let more people know about us. Furthermore, this will also be the inspiration for us to push harder. We will keep working hard to build the app that can be a real problem solver for people.

Abour LifeTap – LifeTap is a Berlin-based AI company. The AI allows an automated decision making processes. Users can get individual or group recommendations about a series of events – bars, restaurants, movies, TV series etc. Thanks to AI technology, LifeTap can make the best suggestions based on users’ personalities and environmental conditions. LifeTap’s recommendations help users when they are by themselves or in groups with their partners, colleagues, or friends. Moreover, the app puts strong emphasis on users’ privacy. It promises not to read any data on users’ phone. As a result, this is a completely ad-free app.

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