LifeTap with Friends for the Best Recommendations

Audrey is a sophomore student in NYC. She is a super sociable girl who always have a lot of friends hanging around with. However, there is one problem that always annoys her and her besties – where to eat and drink. As we all know, New York City is such an amazing place to explore, but sometimes too many choices will make you lost. That is exactly what happens to Audrey and her friends – everytime they want to have a big night out, they will spend hours deciding where to go. It is that hard to find a place everyone likes in a big city like NYC.

I guess that also occurs a lot to you, no? But fortunately for Audrey, she got LifeTap! During her latest trip to NYC, this is how she encountered her favourite brunch spot.

With LifeTap, all she need to do is a 30s personality Q&A and boom, here comes the place! Thanks to the AI technology, it really is that easy.

Now it is your turn to have a try. Follow the steps below and you can also enjoy a life with LifeTap like Audrey.

Do you also feel like to have such a life problem solver? You can now download the app on App Store:

Let’s Tap for Life together!

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