Amazing – LifeTap’s Results!

LifeTap and its results

Let’s check out LifeTap’s Amazing Results!

Oftentimes, traveling to new cities, I don’t know what to eat.

Thankfully, LifeTap has found me a lot of yummy and nearby restaurants to enjoy. Let’s take a look…

LifeTap’s Awesome Results!

1. Outro (NYC-East Village): 9/10 Awesome!

-although the wait time was long, the food was delicious and affordable!

2. Dimsum Palace (NYC-East Village): 10/10 Amazing!

-the staff are so nice and friendly

-food came out fast -yummy and authentic

-affordable: ordered 8 dishes for 4 people, and it was just $90 (including tax + tip)

3. Thep Thai (NYC-near Central Park): 8/10 Yummy!

-the setup of the restaurant is extremely cool: they have individual huts for each party. This is perfect for the winter and is also very covid safe!

-the food was really good and came out fast

-however, it was a bit more $$ than my friends and I thought (more than $30 for each person)

4. Crepevine (SF): 10/10 Worth it!

-the food was affordable and really yummy

-food came out fast

-awesome location: close to Golden Gate Park in SF

These amazing results tell a clear story that LifeTap has tremendously helped me. All these places are so worth it, and I cannot wait to visit them again.

Clearly, LifeTap is amazing and can be of great use to you as well!

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