NYC with LifeTap!

Are you a New Yorker? Have you ever been to NYC? Do you live in NYC? Know anyone who lives in NYC? If you answer YES to any of those, you should definitely use LifeTap! Our amazing AI app takes into account users’ personalities and external conditions. After understanding all of this information, LifeTap makes… Continue reading NYC with LifeTap!

Date Night Ideas – LifeTap can help!

Need some date night ideas? Want some inspiration for date night ideas? Are you going on a first date? Hoping to make a good impression on that special someone? Celebrating your guys’ 5th anniversary together? Don’t stress – there’s LifeTap! Lady and the Tramp We have all seen these cute and funny scenes from Lady… Continue reading Date Night Ideas – LifeTap can help!

Friends Need LifeTap – Make life easier!

Spend too much time deciding where to go with friends? Don’t worry – use LifeTap 🙂 In a nutshell, LifeTap is an AI app that learns about you and your friends’ personalities and external conditions. Afterward, the personal AI searches for movies and nearby activities for the entire group to enjoy! The 4 pictures depict… Continue reading Friends Need LifeTap – Make life easier!