NYC with LifeTap!

Are you a New Yorker? Have you ever been to NYC? Do you live in NYC? Know anyone who lives in NYC? If you answer YES to any of those, you should definitely use LifeTap! Our amazing AI app takes into account users’ personalities and external conditions. After understanding all of this information, LifeTap makes… Continue reading NYC with LifeTap!

How to use LifeTap – in one minute!

Welcome to LifeTap – the world’s first personal AI using psychometrics for group recommendations. In this blog, you will learn how to use it within one minute. Do you always find it difficult to choose a restaurant everyone likes? Or feel lost when visiting a new city? Or, simply have no idea what to do?… Continue reading How to use LifeTap – in one minute!

LifeTap for Introverts

What is LifeTap? LifeTap is a Personal AI that makes recommendations to help with decision making. The app recommends bars, restaurants, clubs, movies, etc. “Those all sound like suggestions for extroverts”, I thought to myself, an introvert. Yet the more I learn about the app, the more I realize how LifeTap can fit different personality… Continue reading LifeTap for Introverts